encino personal training

Straight Truth; Hate it, but do it anyway!

People think it comes easy to personal trainers... But that's just not the case. Daniela Stratman is one of our lead Encino personal training staff. She trains hard, she trains often, she prepares for and…

This is an image of the personal trainers in Encino Arena Fitness

Staff Tips for 2017!

Jonathan Aluzas on Putting Yourself First... What "Putting Yourself First" DOESN'T Mean! Being selfish - placing your needs first to the detriment of everyone else Caring only about yourself Ignoring the needs of others What…

Challenge yourself!

You're either growing, or you're dying.... In order to progress in anything, there needs to be constant challenge. In the absence of challenge you're either stagnating or declining. Take the time to challenge yourself in…

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